Pathfinder FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The 2024 NextProf Pathfinder Workshop, sponsored by the University of Michigan, UC San Diego, and Georgia Tech, will take place October 6-8, at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

Applications for the 2024 workshop will open the 3rd week of April.

I am considering applying for this program – can you share the agenda?

We do not have the entire agenda at this time. However, sessions from past years included topics such as: navigating your first years of graduate school; selecting and engaging with your advisor; building your CV; strategies for success; faculty search process overview; and impact through varying career paths.

Do I need to attend the entire conference?

Yes, it is mandatory for participants to attend the entire conference.

Does NextProf Pathfinder cover all of my travel expenses?

NextProf Pathfinder will cover your hotel, airfare, and mileage to and from your home airport. Luggage fees are not covered. Meals will be provided (be sure to note any dietary restrictions on your acceptance form so that you may be accommodated). Incidentals and any meals or transportation outside the conference will be at the participants’ own expense, e.g., a late evening out.

Will I have a roommate?

No, participants will have their own hotel rooms.

How far is the conference venue from the hotel?

The hotel is the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center. Participants should not book their own hotel room; all lodging will be handled by NextProf Nexus staff. The hotel is about a 15-minute walk from the conference venue.

If you need transportation accommodation, please indicate such on your participation acceptance form so that we can meet your needs.

What if I want to arrive a day early or leave a day later?

Please make this decision before your flight is booked. You may need to cover part of the airfare ticket price if the flight is more expensive than the original arrival and departure dates. In addition, you may later need to cover any airfare change fees should the flight be rebooked to accommodate your request. Please be advised you are responsible for your own lodging arrangements and other travel-related costs outside of the dates of the conference.

Where can I park?

NextProf Nexus staff anticipate few participants will need to drive or utilize parking; however, participants can contact NextProf Nexus staff for parking options, including hotel parking and on-campus parking.

What should I wear?

The dress code for the workshop is business casual attire except for the keynote dinner, which is business attire. October weather in Atlanta is pleasant with temperatures ranging from 58°F to 78°F. Consider dressing in layers, and wearing appropriate footwear for the 15-minute walk from the hotel to the conference venues.

What should I do if I’m selected but then need to cancel?

Please be reminded that attendance at all sessions of the conference is required. If, for any reason, you are aware that you are unable to fully participate in the conference schedule, please contact us – [email protected] – as soon as possible so another applicant may have the opportunity to participate.

What accommodations or access needs can you help facilitate?

The University of Michigan is committed to making all events as enjoyable as possible for all participants. Please let us know how we can ensure that this event is inclusive to you.