NextProf Fall Workshop Participants (A-J)


Yadrianna Acosta-Sojo

Industrial and Operations Engineering

Yadrianna is a Ph.D. candidate in Industrial and Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan. Her research focuses in sensorimotor human performance. She holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez and a M.S.E. in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Ángel Adames-Corraliza 

Atmospheric Sciences

Ángel Adames got his bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez. He got his M.S. and Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington. He is currently a visiting scholar at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in Princeton University.

Christopher Alexander

Chemical Engineering

Christopher Alexander is a PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering at the University of Florida working to develop a device that can detect corrosion in bridge tendons using Impedance Spectroscopy. He has also contributed to projects on continuous glucose monitors and is exploring the influence of coupled charging and faradaic currents.

Megan Armstrong

Biomedical Engineering

Megan J. Armstrong is a fourth year Ph.D. candidate in Biomedical Engineering in the Lab for Nanobiotechnology and Synthetic Biology under the supervision of Prof. Henry Hess at Columbia University. She received her Bachelor and Master of Science from Columbia University in 2013 and 2015, respectively, in Biomedical Engineering.

Patricia Banks

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Patricia E. Banks is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Her primary research interest is in computational epidemiology, analytics and informatics with emphasis on interstices of chronic disease, literacy and health equity.

Heather Bischel

Environmental Engineering

Dr. Bischel is a Postdoctoral Scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL) working on environmental health and sustainable sanitation. She recently accepted an Assistant Professor position at UC Davis. She earned a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering & Science from Stanford and a B.Sc. from UC Berkeley.

Timothy Brooks

Aerospace Engineering

I am currently a third year PhD candidate in the University of Michigan Aerospace Engineering department. My PhD research involves high fidelity aero-structural design and optimization of high aspect ratio wings under my advisor Professor Joaquim Martins.

Christine Chen

Electrical Engineering

Christine Chen is an EE graduate student at Columbia University working with Professor Keren Bergman. Her research in silicon photonics aims to enhance data-rate capacity while bridging the electrical/optical interface for high-performance computing. She has a B.S. in EECS from Berkeley and is a SRC/Intel Ph.D fellow and OSA/SPIE-chapter president.

Yasmine Doleyres

Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Yasmine Doleyres is a PhD candidate in the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Program at the University of Michigan. Her research is a targeted drug delivery and tissue engineering project (adipose tissue) with the goal of making treatment more effective and outcomes better for those with breast cancer or craniofacial defects.

Deanna Easley


Deanna Easley is a Bioengineering PhD candidate at the University of Pittsburgh. She earned her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Her research applies quantitative image analysis to understanding the etiology of pelvic organ prolapse. Additionally, she investigates developing engineering identity in minority students.

Cristina Echeverria

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Cristina Echeverria is PhD candidate in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she studies fate and transport of antibiotic resistance genes in environmental compartments. Recent work includes assessment of resistance gene inputs and extent of gene dissemination in California, USA.

Molly Goldstein

Engineering Education

Molly H. Goldstein is a PhD student in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University with a research focus on characterizing trade-off behaviors in novice designers. She earned her B.S. in General Engineering (Systems Engineering and Design) and M.S. in Systems and Entrepreneurial Engineering from the University of Illinois.



Christian Greenhill

Materials Science and Engineering

Christian Greenhill received a dual B.S degree in Chemistry & Physics from the University of Memphis in 2014 and is currently a NSF Fellow in Materials Science & Engineering at UMich. Her research uses Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/Spectroscopy (STM/S) and Atom Probe Tomography (APT) to investigate the influence of nanostructuring and alloy composition on the energetic band structure in semiconductor thin film materials.

Grace Gu

Mechanical Engineering

Grace X. Gu is a doctoral candidate and NDSEG fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT working in Prof. Markus J. Buehler’s group. Her current research combines numerical methods with additive manufacturing to produce and study bio-inspired optimized multi-phase composites, enhanced impact resistant microstructures, and hierarchically toughened synthetic bio-composites.

Mariantonieta Gutierrez Soto

Civil Engineering

Mariantonieta Gutierrez Soto is a PhD candidate in civil engineering at The Ohio State University. She received her MS in civil engineering at OSU in 2012 and BS in civil engineering at Lamar University in 2010. She won the Presidential Fellowship in 2016 and Distinguished Graduate Student award in 2011.

Hector Lopez Hernandez

Mechanical Engineering

Hector Lopez Hernandez is a doctoral student in the Mechanical Science and Engineering department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research interests include the characterization and development of metastable polymers for recycling and electronics applications.

Josiah Hester

Computer Science

Josiah Hester is a PhD Candidate in Computer Science at Clemson University working with Jacob Sorber. I’m an experimentalist researching at the software-hardware boundary, trying to make sophisticated batteryless sensing–an enabling technology of the Internet-of-Things– a reality. I design and evaluate new hardware platforms, languages, and tools that make batteryless sensing possible.

Lakshana Huddar

Nuclear Engineering

Lakshana Huddar is a nuclear engineering PhD candidate at the University of California Berkeley studying the thermal hydraulics of advanced nuclear reactors, specifically Fluoride-Salt- Cooled High Temperature Reactors (FHRs). This is done through designing and building scaled experiments as well as through computational modeling. She will be graduating in December 2016.

Laurie Huning

Civil and Enviornmental Engineering

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UCLA. My research focuses on gaining better insight into the spatiotemporal distribution of the seasonal snowpack across mountainous regions via remote sensing applications. It moves toward improved snow process representations in complex terrain for climate models and hydrologic studies.

Dorrin Jarrahbashi

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dorrin Jarrahbashi is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech. She received her PhD in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from UC, Irvine under supervision of Prof. W. Sirignano. Her areas of research are computational modeling of energy systems, including reacting and non-reacting multiphase flow and hydraulic behavior of supercritical fluids.

Jasmine Jones

School of Information

My research focuses on creating “technology heirlooms” for families interacting with digital family memories. My work explores ways to better understand the challenges, rewards, and impacts of pervasive computing as it is embedded into everyday life. I am currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Michigan, School of Information.