Selection Criteria

Research group looking at brain scan on computer

NextProf brings together a select cohort of diverse engineering Ph.D. students, recent doctoral graduates and top faculty and deans from around the U.S. to strengthen and diversify the next generation of academic leaders.

Basic eligibility specifications are outlined on the each workshop’s webpage. For NextProf Nexus and NextProf Pathfinder, one requirement is a statement that demonstrates a commitment to diversity – describing your commitment to excellence and diversity, addressing past and/or potential contributions to advance equity and inclusion through research, teaching, or service.

Here are some suggestions that might help you prepare.

  • Can you describe a personal experience that shaped your attitude about the importance of diversity in academic leadership?
  • Are you involved in committees or groups that work to engage your community on issues around diversity?
  • In a faculty position, what are some strategies you might pursue to help achieve goals related to your commitment to diversity?

An ideal NextProf candidate can express a passion for teaching and interest in making engineering academia a more inclusive and rewarding experience for all students, and has a desire to positively influence institutional conversations about diversity.

All costs are covered for accepted applicants.